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    yuan starts new year journey wi▓th big jump01-06-2017 20:01▓

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    BJTSHANGHAI,▓ Jan. 6 (Xi▓nhua) -- The Chinese▓ yuan, or renminbi,

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▓started the new year with a big jump, surprising the mark▓et with a stro▓ng strengthening p▓erformance.The central parity rate of the yuan cont▓inued to stre▓ngthen against t▓he U.S. dollar on Friday by a hefty 639 basis points to reach 6.8668▓, the highest w▓ithin a month, ac

cording to the China Foreign Exchange▓ Trade System.This ▓was the yuan midpoint's biggest on

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e-day increas▓e since 2005 w▓hen it was revalued.The market expected that the yua▓n might experience a▓ new round of depreciation against the U.S. dol▓lar in 2017 over concerns of s▓lowdown of the▓ world's second largest economy, capital outflows

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and▓ anticipation of U▓.S. interest rate

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 hikes.However, both the offsho▓re (C

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NH) and onshore yuan have been rallyin

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g this week, mainly driven by a surg

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e in yuan borrowing costs o▓ffshore and▓ tighter l▓iquidity.The offshore yuan has risen about 2.5 percent since Tu▓esday, with its gains over Wednes▓day and Thursda▓y being the▓ biggest two-day gains since its introduction in 2010.This turnarou▓n

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d caught yuan short sellers off guard, and has been▓ likened by ▓some to th▓e yuan's dramatic turnaro▓und last year following its▓ prolonged d▓epreciation."The movement yesterday▓, however, was not triggered by an out▓right intervention from the Peop

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    le's Bank of China [...] it was more like a knee-jerk reaction as there wer▓e massive stop-loss

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    disposal of inefficient

    flows in th▓e market," sa▓id Commerzbank AG senior EM econom▓ist Asia Zhou Hao.Zhou said the cos

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    their competitiveness

    t of funding has been r▓ising for wee▓ks in the CNH market, m▓eaning it will be co▓stly to short

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    -sell the yuan. T▓he market, meanwhile, was cautious when USD-CNH was approaching the landmark le

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    revenues (CNY 200.16 b

    vel of 7▓.0.Lin Caiyi, chief economist with Guotai ▓Junan Securities, attributed the str▓engtheni

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    profits (CNY▓ 20.295 billion) o

    ng yuan t▓o a weakening dollar as ▓the latest U.S. Fed meeting dulled m▓arket expectations for an 

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  • vealed in the audit▓

    even strong▓er U.S. dollar.Meanwhile, a decisio▓n by the Chine▓se central bank and the forex wat

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    ccumulated over the years, a

    chdog to enhance checks on ind▓ividual and institutional forex transactions▓ also contribute▓d to t

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    r 0.8% and 1.7% respecti

    he strengthening yuan, Lin said.The Chinese central bank shifted its benchmarked ex▓change rate

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